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  • Applying Engineering Principals and Technology to Medical and Biological Problems in Health Care

Why Choose UR CEBE?

Programmes that will create research HUB and training of African engineers

CEBE Laboratory, lybraries and smart classes

Provides facts from the retrospective statistical analysis

To strategically cultivate and nurture a substantial and highly skilled workforce, focusing particularly on critical sectors such as biomedical engineering and e-Health. This concerted effort is driven by the overarching goal of addressing both the immediate and long-term labor market demands within the health sector of the East African Community (EAC). By fostering expertise and proficiency in these priority areas, we aim to not only meet but also exceed the evolving requirements of the dynamic and rapidly advancing healthcare landscape in the EAC region. This proactive approach ensures that our workforce is not just well-qualified but is also equipped to contribute significantly to the ongoing advancements and challenges in biomedical engineering and e-Health, thereby fortifying the overall health infrastructure of the East African Community.