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RADIC Team continues to promote and support the use of digital solutions as part of rehabilitation work in East Africa

The first year of RADIC project is behind us and RADIC team continues to collaborate for the benefit of current and future rehabilitation professionals, and of course, for the benefit of those in need of rehabilitation services. Especially spring 2024 has been busy time for the RADIC team members, as first of our work packages came to an end (Digital Rehabilitation Innovation Community) and last of our implementation work package (Curricula in Digital Rehabilitation) properly started.

However, we kept busy also during the autumn 2023, preparing a literature review for the Landscape Analysis, conducting Needs Assessment survey, writing the chapters for the Handbook of Digital Rehabilitation, and starting our work in creating the Framework for Digital Rehabilitation Competences. 

During the semester of 2023-2024 we had two mobilities, first focusing on the start of creating the Handbook and the second focusing on the start of the Carpe Diem process aiming to renew the curricula of AU partner HEIs to support the application of digital rehabilitation. First of the mobilities was hosted by the coordinator, Jamk University of Applied Sciences, in Jyväskylä (Finland) and the second was hosted by the State University of Zanzibar, in Zanzibar (Tanzania).