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East African Innovation Community (IC) in Digital Rehabilitation

East African Innovation Community (IC) in Digital Rehabilitation

Purpose of the East African Innovation Community (IC) in Digital Rehabilitation
  • This Community is meant for East Africans interested in promoting access to rehabilitation services via digital rehabilitation and development of their own skills and ways of working.
  • Rehabilitation professionals, students, academics, NGO representatives, business representatives, and all other interested stakeholders are all welcome to take part in the discussions.
  • The IC is founded and maintained by RADIC project team. The Innovation Community Advisory Board is chosen from the interested members of the IC from the industry and working life partners. The role of the ICAB is to function as a link between higher education and the other stakeholders. ICAB has a major role in communicating project actions further to the society and ensuring sustainable long-term impact of project results.
  • The Innovation Community consists of the dedicated WhatsApp Community, where the members can take part in discussions and general meetings held mainly online. These meetings are planned to support the general goals of the IC.
The goals for the IC
  • Main goal of the IC is to promote equitable access to rehabilitation services through digitalization of the industry.
  • The IC aims to advocate, influence, and support the policymakers via sharing knowledge.
  • The IC aims to enhance the level of knowledge on digital rehabilitation and support conjoined efforts to increase the amount of evidence-based information on digital rehabilitation by offering opportunities for co-creation, mentorships, networks, and research.
Instructions and rules for the IC
  • This Community is meant for promoting rehabilitation, and other subjects such as political opinions, religions, selling products etc. should be discussed elsewhere.
  • Please don't spam the groups and remember to treat everyone with respect. We don't have to agree on everything, and constructive discussion is always supported.
  • In case you encounter unexpected behavior, please let the admin of the group in question know about it.
Structure of the community:
  • One “general room” à Announcements that only the admins can post, e.g., invitations for events, instructions etc.
  • You may choose which groups within the community you wish to join.

Community has three open channels you can join based on your interests:
  • IC General Discussion –
  • IC Best practices in DR – Meant for sharing good practices and asking ideas, experiences on different ways of working
  • IC Research activities – Meant for sharing related research and development activities
  • And one closed channel for the Admins.

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